SA Procurement (Pty) Ltd specializes in supply chain administration and business process outsourcing. SA Procurement (Pty) Ltd has other interests in Import and Export, Shipping and Forwarding.

SA Procurement (Pty) Ltd was established in 2010 and incorporated in 2013 has a presence throughout South Africa and the African continent. SA Procurement's service offering spans sourcing, procurement, logistics, export documentation arrangements and warehousing. Clients of SA Procurement receive an effective supply chain administration function on an outsourced basis, thus delivering a much needed reliable service.




What We Offer!

Operational Procurement

SA Procurement (Pty) Ltd focuses on managing our clients' direct and non-strategic procurement, we endeavour to deliver process efficiencies and measurable cost savings. Our procurement division is one of the best transactional operations in its class, and SA Procurement invests in regular training programs to ensure that our buyers are in touch with the latest developments. New procurement models or strategies include widening the supplier base to make it more responsive and flexible. We drive efficiencies to enlighten our clients with exceptional customer service and tangible value creation. These services are measured by defining formal performance levels and include savings, turnaround time and on time deliveries

Export & Import Management

We provide all the administrative work and documentation to import and export goods and ensure on time delivery.

SA Procurement (Pty) Ltd being a registered, Chain Supply Management Consulting and lobbyists, Exporter and Importer, provides a one-stop service documentation, customs clearance and freight forwarding. We have our own in-house clearing and forwarding agency to ensure efficient clearing at border post and delivery to clients’ site. We support first time importers, established companies and development projects by processing their shipments to ensure goods reach their destination on time and in good condition. By outsourcing your export requirements to SA Procurement (Pty) Ltd, clients can focus on their core business and save valuable time and money.

SA Procurement provides a quality service while dealing with large volumes of freight and billing processes.  Through on-going training, our staff stay up to date with the latest policy changes and practices such as documentation fulfilment or freight processing and implement them accordingly. We specialise in assisting clients who wish to import into and out of Africa will draw on our extensive expertise and experience in this arena.

Strategic Procurement Insourcing and Outsourcing

Procurement is defining its own culture: processes have had to become sharper and faster to be able to deliver in ever-tighter competitive environments. Sourcing no longer equates to instant cost gratification, but is now defined as a strategic component used to drive maximum competitive advantage.

SA Procurement analyses the procurement and strategic sourcing options for your company starting with a comprehensive assessment of your current spending strategies and methods.

Supply Chain Management

The growth of consumer knowledge across globalised economies has meant that the notion of instant gratification by people is now a given Element. If companies are unable to rationalise their processes effectively, the degree to which they will maintain competitive advantage can be seriously compromised.Companies must deliver, and this is reflected in effective Supply Chain Management (SCM). The aim, ultimately, is to reduce inventory and risk.